Looking for a Place

To the Heroes was conceived as a reaction to the now destroyed original Plaza Obelisk. As part of SITE Santa Fe’s Looking for a Place Biennial it was installed in front of the New Mexico State Capitol building where it remained years beyond the exhibit.

Looking for a Place

SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ 1999

New Mexican artist Charlene Teters’s adobe ‘monument’ to the legacy of local anti-indigenous sentiment, brought the notion of environmental responsibility back home.” – Dan Cameron, Senior Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 1999, Rosa Martínez extended the earlier biennials’ meditations on place by bringing 29 artists from 23 countries together in Looking for a Place. 

Understanding her role as editor/agitator, Martínez wanted a “fluid alternative to the inviolable solidity of museums,” where white cubes display beautiful objects. Her artists both punctured SITE’s walls and reached beyond them into public, commercial, and sacred spaces like the old dancehall at Galisteo, the Los Alamos airport, and a municipal parking garage. 

Looking for a Place Gallery

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